Pioneering Safety in Industrial Environments

At McCormick Equipment Company Inc., we recognize that the backbone of any efficient operation is a safe workplace. An environment where employees and equipment coexist harmoniously without risks is pivotal for productivity. Our comprehensive suite of safety products is meticulously curated to offer protection, reduce accidents, and foster a culture of safe practices within your facility.

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Ensuring Safety at Every Turn

Guardrail Systems from McCormick Equipment Company

Guardrail Systems

Our robust guardrails act as a protective shield, delineating safe zones and preventing inadvertent collisions, thus safeguarding both personnel and infrastructure.

Column Protection from McCormick Equipment Company.

Column Protection

Columns are often vulnerable to impacts. Our column protection solutions absorb shocks, minimizing damage and ensuring structural integrity.

Safety Gates from McCormick Equipment Company


Control and regulate access to specific zones with our durable gates, ensuring unauthorized or accidental entries are a thing of the past.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints

A crucial component for loading docks, our vehicle restraints lock trailers in place, preventing accidental movement and ensuring safe loading and unloading.

Trail Stabilizing

Trailer Stabilizing

Equip your facility with our stabilizing solutions, guaranteeing trailers remain steady, reducing the risk of tip-overs.

Dock Lights

Dock and Pathway Lighting

Proper illumination is key to a safe working environment. Our range of dock lights and pathway lighting ensures clear visibility, minimizing mishaps and guiding movement.

Verification Systems

Verification Systems

Ensure equipment and machinery are in optimal condition with our state-of-the-art verification systems, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Snow Scrapers from McCormick Equipment Company

Snow Scrapers

Ensure clear access during winters with our efficient snow scrapers, preventing snow-related hazards.

Why Trust McCormick Equipment Company Inc. with Safety?

With years in the industry, we understand the nuances of in diverse environments.

Comprehensive Solutions
From guardrails to lighting, our portfolio addresses every concern.

Quality Assured
Our association with leading brands ensures you get products that adhere to global standards.

Expert Guidance
Our team is committed to understanding your needs and suggesting tailored solutions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal protection.

Safety isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a commitment to your team, assets, and business. At McCormick Equipment Company Inc., we believe in fostering environments where safety is the cornerstone of operations.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s design a safe system for your business that stands the test of time!