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Friday, July 21, 2017
SplitSecond™ Series High Performance Doors


SplitSecond™ Series High Performance Doors

Split-center design. Split-second performance. Rite-Hite's SplitSecond high-performance industrial door boosts efficiency, productivity and safety in a simple, reliable, compact design.

Split-Center Design

• Bi-parting door features spring tube design to collect the curtain in the side frames

Accelerated Thinking

• Variable frequency drive for an unmatched peak speed of up to 120" / second

Safer Work Environment

• Two large vision windows and immediate top to bottom visibility decreases blind spots

Compact, Customizable Side Frames

• Fabric, powder coated steel, or stainless steel side frames to match durability, cost and environmental requirements

Superior Auto Reverse

• Obstruction sensing reversing system

Impact protection

• Flex design curtain reduces downtime and damage from accidental impacts

Replaceable seals

• Replaceable bottom seals for easy maintenance

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FasTrax™ High Performance Doors

FasTrax™ High Performance Doors

Designed around a single operational platform, these highly versatile doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, cooler or freezer high-cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.

Simple Design - Designed around a single operational platform, these highly versatile doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, cooler or freezer high-cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.

Versatile track designs allow the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations and will fit in almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.

The industry's safest door with multiple safety features including the standard Soft-Edge™ Technology, thru-beam photo eyes and optional I-Zone™ make FasTrax an easy choice for safety.

The industry's highest operating speeds with operating speeds up to 100" per second, the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.

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FasTrax™ Clean High-Performance Doors


FasTrax™ Clean High-Performance Doors

The most reliable door just became the cleanest. Rite-Hite's FasTrax Clean is a full 360 degrees, washdown clean.

Simple, Reliable FasTrax Design

• Single operational platform, Traxion Drive System, TRUE Auto Re-Feed and Soft-Edge Technology

• Operating speeds up to 100" / second, twice as fast as most competitive clean doors

• Withstands high-pressure washdown with the harshest cleaning chemicals

• Machined from a solid block of UHMW plastic to meet USDA and FDA standards. Optional track configurations available.

• Easily removable for deep cleaning.

• Designed for heavy washdown

• Polypropylene fabric provides higher resistance to acids and bases, lower water absorption rates and higher resistance to mold than vinyls or urethanes

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If your application requires high-speed operation, visibility, and a tight seal, the PROTECDOR POWER DOOR is your best choice. It eliminates the dangerous hard bottom edge found on most high speed roll-up doors, and features a revolutionary soft bottom edge and unique Soft-Stop™ Sensing System that help protect personnel and property from impact damage.



• Soft-Edge™ Safety System has no hard bottom edge, coil cords or exposed electronics

• High speed operation opens/closes door at 48"/sec.

• Optional PRO™ System inverter features 52"/sec. opening speed and 24"/sec. closing speed

• Large full-width vision panel is 45" high for superior visibility

• Magnetic tensioning system allows door to be impacted from any angle and be reattached quickly without tools

• Internal sensing system immediately stops door operation upon separation to prevent secondary impacts

• Internal pressure stays maintain curtain stability in positive/negative pressure without wind bars

• Entire door is UL Listed

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The TRAKLINE ROLL DOOR gives you all the benefits of high-speed operation and an exceptional lifetime value. It features a unique lightweight curtain design and is ideally suited for interior applications.

Fast opening and closing speed at 40" per second helps improve operating efficiency

Innovative V-Flex™ Curtain Release System allows curtain to separate from flexible track upon impact to prevent damage and downtime

Speed-Feed™ Reinsertion System automatically refeeds curtain after impact to help eliminate downtime

Simple, low-maintenance design with no heavy bottom bars, reversing edges or coil cords

i-COMM Digital Communication Controller redefines control box operation and communication.

Full-width vision panel is 18" high for enhanced visibility and safety

Lightweight curtain design helps protect personnel, cargo and equipment

TrakLine Fold Door is available for larger interior and exterior openings

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Strip Doors

Strip Doors

Save-T Strip Doors are an economical solution to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions. Save-T Strip Doors are inexpensive, easy to install and can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year. Temperature control is just one of many applications for strip doors.

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