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Friday, July 21, 2017
Our Services

Installation: We will install anything we sell, either with union or non-union personnel, including turnkey capability for concrete work, demolition and electrical wiring and hook-up.

Maintenance:  We are trained to fix or maintain anything we sell with factory-trained and certified technicians and who are state-certified welders.

Planned Maintenance: Our customers allow us to provide regularly scheduled Planned Maintenance for over 10,000 pieces of equipment. We do this at a fixed price with intervening service at no charge and with no trip charges.

Dock & Door Design Presentation: No charge, no obligation presentation made by our sales staff at our customer's site to up-date them on trends in our industry and application of our products.

Dock & Ergonomic Safety Presentation: No charge, no obligation presentation made by our sales staff at our customer's site to alert them to safety concerns and ergonomic exposures within their plants and warehouses.

Dock & Door Surveys: No charge, no obligation site surveys and assessments of our customer's equipment and buildings to provide them professional opinions of equipment condition, maintenance or replacement required for operating budgets.

Maintenance Schools: No charge schools conducted by our service management and aftermarket sales force at our customer's site, or ours, to allow their maintenance staff hands-on training in the care of their equipment.

Warranty Execution: No charge registration of manufacturer's published warranties, after providing training and Owner's Manuals on equipment our customers have purchased from us.

Fly-In Programs: No charge, no obligation visits to the manufacturers we represent to see the equipment built and who builds it, as well as any installations that might assist in equipment selection.

Equipment Manual: 
The result of a site visit and survey which includes photos of equipment, assessment of its condition, required maintenance, repair or replacement cost, including a data base shared by both the customer and McCormick Equipment Co.